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Jill Dunn founded Jillin' It with a simple mission: to bring people together. 

Jill's work typically tends to mirror her life. After her divorce in 2016, she began searching for events that would connect her to other local singles. When she was unable to find any she put her events background to work and started to plan and host regular speed dating and singles mixer events, connecting local singles in fun and thoughtfully planned events.   The Matchmaking service was a natural addition to the events as it helps to connect singles that are unable to make it to events or singles that happened to be at different events. 
The most recent addition, and possibly the most important offerings, are the coaching and courses.  Through personal development, countless courses, blogs, podcasts, books and her work with many singles over the years, the coaching services are based on a compilation of the best and most important concepts and practices that she has learned in her journey as a single woman. 

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