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Matchmaker Jill Dunn

Meet Jill Dunn, the visionary behind Jillin' It, a premier professional matchmaking service dedicated to uniting hearts and souls.

Driven by a profound mission to bring people together, Jill's journey as a matchmaker began organically, reflecting her own life experiences. Following her divorce in 2016, Jill embarked on a quest to find local events that could connect her with other singles in the area. To her surprise, she couldn't find any that suited her so she leveraged her background in event planning and took matters into her own hands. She started meticulously organizing and hosting exciting speed dating and singles mixer events, fostering an atmosphere of joy and connection for local singles.

Recognizing the need to extend her reach beyond physical events, Jill naturally expanded into the realm of matchmaking. Her matchmaking service goes the extra mile, bringing together singles who might not have the opportunity to attend events or happen to cross paths naturally.


Jill's dedication to her clients doesn't stop there. Understanding that personal growth and self-improvement are integral to successful relationships, she has introduced a range of coaching and courses. Drawing from her own transformative journey as a single woman and armed with a wealth of knowledge from personal development courses, blogs, podcasts, and books, Jill's coaching services are built on a compilation of the most valuable concepts and practices.

Jill's profound passion for love, combined with her innate ability to connect with others, has earned her a reputation as a trusted and empathetic matchmaker. Through Jillin' It, she continues to make a profound impact in the lives of countless singles, guiding them towards fulfilling relationships and lifelong happiness.

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