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What People Are Saying...

Discover the love stories and experiences of our Matchmaking clients and see how our one-on-one coaching at Jillin' It has helped individuals find true love, inspiring confidence and joy in your journey to meaningful connection.


"Thank you for everything! It has been such a positive and fun journey these past 3 months. I am forever thankful!"

- C.H. (Matchmaking Client)

"Jill gives hope to the hopeless. She's compassionate and caring and can understand many walks of life. She is wise and can interpret someone's feelings when they aren't able to clearly verbalize. She is extremely positive and has a kick ass attitude and as a result encourage others. Highly impactful. Thank you!"

- M.J. (Matchmaking and Coaching Client) 

"You get me! This made a major shift for me in such a short time. I am loving dating again. Thanks, Jill!"

- J.C. (Coaching Client)

"I've gotten to a couple of events. They are fun, and Jill plans them well with icebreakers, games and more. Jill has always been receptive and kind, and lights up the room with an unmatched energy. Big hugs and congrats to 50 events! I'll try to get to more in the future."

- Rob (Event Attendee) 

"The advice and coaching was very valuable, even those matches that didn't work out, those experiences were helpful."

- Jason (Matchmaking Client) 

"Thanks so much for the event Jill! It was a great time and not only gave me a chance to get out of my shell a little more, but allowed me to enjoy myself at a time I needed to do something for me. This kind of thing is not something I would normally do, but I'm glad I did. You are a great host Jill!" 

-- Mark (Event Attendee) 

"Jillin' It is an amazing resource for dating advice, guidance and fun live events. Honestly, I wouldn't be wouldn't be where I am in my dating life if it weren't for Jillin' It and thier amazing coaching."

- S.S. (Coaching Client) 

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