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Singles Sparks - Your Weekly Love Link - JULY 7

Hello Lovers,

I hope you’ve been able to get in fireworks of one kind or another (wink, wink) and some downtime to enjoy with friends and family over this long weekend. I’ll keep it brief and let you get back to your BBQ, but I do want to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. From singles I meet at events, private matchmaking and coaching clients, singles who reach out on social media and singles in my FB and Meetup groups, to singles in the free database who take my call so I can screen them for dates with clients, I’m talking to literally hundreds of singles every month and it’s not lost on me what an honor is that you take my calls and interact with me in the ways you do. I truly do feel honored to get to do this work, to be a connector, and be a part of your dating journey. So thanks for that. I love you!

Remember, GET IN my complimentary database. Truly, you never know. I just might have your match. It’s totally free and just takes a sec.  

In this week’s HOT TOPIC, we’re talking about why certain people love being single. Plus, read our TOP 3 benefits of communication in a relationship. And don’t miss this week’s funnies at the bottom.

Check this week’s Singles Spotlight to see if YOUR match is featured this week. Then, click here to schedule a 10 minute call so I can learn a bit more about you and see if my private and personalized Matchmaking service is right for you.

Big love to you always! Be safe and smart this weekend!



Upcoming Events

While I do have plans for a July event in the works for you, a new client has hired me for a Private Mixer event so that is taking up my event bandwidth at the moment.  (Learn more about those here.) Private mixer events are so much fun. They’re small, curated events for relationship-minded singles where you’ll meet 5-6 matchmaker-selected singles in one night and I’m there as your host, to facilitate connection and convo like I do at large events.  But not to worry, I should have a public event up for you in the next week or so.

Interested in a private event for yourself or for a small group of like-minded singles? Email me.

 Make sure you’re following along on FB and Insta so you don’t miss a thing.

P.S. Have you been to The Flying Scotsman in Norwalk? They were nice enough to let me use their beautiful space for a photoshoot with a new client a few weeks ago. The client’s photos came out great and he even snapped a few of me so you can see here what a vibrant space it is. It’s such a beautiful spot and the owners are so nice! Highly recommend you check it out!

Singles Spotlight: Is She Your Match?

Seeking an exceptional match in CT for my playful, creative, and kind client, “J” (F, 54). J loves to laugh and enjoy life’s simple pleasures and experiences. She has a wide variety of interests and loves learning new things.

J's ideal partner (M, 45-60) is fun-loving with an admiration and zest for life, honest, intelligent, open-minded, inquisitive, curious and genuine. He is emotionally intelligent, able to navigate emotions, passionate about what he does and open for a long term committed partnership.

HOT TOPIC: Why Certain People Love Being Single

When we think about single life in the usual way, from the perspective of people who just assume that everyone wants to couple up and that coupled life is superior to the single life, then we end up with stories about those poor single people and their lesser lives. When we instead consider what is great about being single from the perspective of single people who like being single and back our stories with scientific research, then we have a new and empowering way of thinking about single life.

TOP 3: Benefits of Communication in a Relationship

  1. Less Rumination: Communication in relationships can minimize rumination. Instead of stewing over negative feelings, good communication allows people to discuss their concerns and resolve them in a more positive, effective way.

Book a call with me to see if I can help you meet your dating goals.  Email me 

The Funnies! Because You’ve Got to Laugh…

Curious about Matchmaking ? Schedule a call to see if my matchmaking service is something we should consider for you.

I’m here for you with more opportunities than EVER! Year round singles events,  The Match of the Month Blind Date Activation, Jillin' It Singles Supper Club, Solo to Sparks Dating Intensive, my private and personalized Matchmaking service, complimentary singles network and 203 Singles Facebook group, Meet Up Group, The Four Day Flip and so much more. Here for you!

Curious about Matchmaking ? Schedule a call to see if my matchmaking service is something we should consider for you.

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